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In Pursuit of Perfection


I don't know why, but one common trait in humans seems to be that of never being completely satisfied with whatever they have, no matter what their circumstances.


In every single aspect of life the desire for perfection prevails as a standard to aim for - always seeking after the 'perfect job', the 'perfect pad', the 'perfect partner' etc and, of course, the 'perfect body'.


In pursuit of the 'perfect body' some of us seem unwittingly willing to turn ourselves into cyber-beings, part plastic and part human, and pay lots of money to have a surgeon 'butcher' us and insert us with 'plastic'.


It would be laughable, if it wasn't such a pity, the irony of all those bland, plastic, faceless mannequin-like and lifeless expressions - those pumped out lips, pumped out breasts and pumped out buttocks, all looking like the same processed meat.


The fact that we are all inherently imperfect is what makes us so diverse as a species, so how can we even begin to define perfection when we, ourselves, are imperfect?


But is imperfection really such a bad thing?  Just think of it - what could be more boring than a 'perfect world' where everything is perfect and everyone was perfect and looked perfect and where there was nothing to strive for, because you already had it?


I mean, humans are such complex beings 'perfection' would never satisfy them.  Happiness would have no real meaning for them because in a 'perfect world' they would never experience sadness.  Could it be that imperfection is, in itself, perfection? 


In an age where humans are becoming reliant on machines and even try to mimick machines in everyday activities which are becoming more and more repettitive, it is our diversity and imperfections and our ability to create which will enable us to survive as a species.  


Maybe our quest for perfection is our driving force and an essential part of our development and will one day enable us to look within and explore the nature of our minds and we may start to glimpse the real meaning of perfection.























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